Applications for new clubs

The Western Washington Premier League are continuosly taking applications for expansion.

Please send a letter to explaining your club plans and why you would like to join this league. Include ownership, head coach, venue and player pool information.

The WWPL is a two-division system. You will be applying to join the new SECOND DIVISION. All new clubs in 2020 and beyond will enter through D2 (or lower, if such a division is eventually added.)

Here is an example application form completed by the Grays Harbor Gulls for the 2018 season.


What is your Club Name?
Grays Harbor Gulls FC
What area would your club be based in?
Grays Harbor County
What is the purpose / mission of your club?
To provide high quality playing opportunities to players from Grays Harbor County
and the surrounding area. The majority of top players from our area do not play
competitive soccer after they finish club, high school, or college soccer. We want to
provide quality players from our area with the opportunity to continue playing at a
high level.
We also want to create an atmosphere of support at our games. We plan to get
involved with our community to increase support for our club, and we as the club will
do everything we can do give back to the community that supports us.
Describe the experience of your players.
Grays Harbor is home to many players who have talent and experience. Right now,
we have about 10-12 interested players who have played, or are currently playing
college soccer. Most of these players will come from The Evergreen State College,
South Puget Sound Community College, and George Fox University (Oregon). The
rest of our prospective players have played in various adult leagues, mostly in the
Olympia area.
Why you would benefit our league?
We believe that Grays Harbor is an untapped area when it comes to high quality
soccer players. Grays Harbor would offer a quality opponent for the current teams in
the league. Being the only team west of Olympia, our product on the field is not
diluted by local players playing elsewhere. Grays Harbor also features many
attractions to create a fun away day for travelling fans and players families. Last, we
have an eager fan base that has been waiting many years for a team to call their

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