Poll results: Who will win the WWPL in 2019?

cropped-wwpl-logo-large_cropped-1.pngAn online poll has been running over the last few weeks asking for viewers to vote for their top 3 finishers in the 2019 Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) season. 330 votes were cast and the clear preseason choice for Champions is Nido Aguila Club America Seattle. The Eagles got over 22% of the vote. Last year’s winners Kirkland FC finished second in the poll with over 17%. final_preseason_poll
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It’s important to note that the WWPL is playing a promotion / relegation season in 2019. The Top 6 will go ‘up’ to a new First Division while the bottom 5 will play in a new Second Division in 2020. So the predictions can also be looked at from that perspective. Voted to go up: Nido Aguila, Kirkland, Crossfire, Grays Harbor, Snohomish County and Tacoma Narrows. Pegged to be relegated: Lacey FC, Harbor Force, Issaquah SC, Federal Way FC and BeSea FC.

How accurate will this poll be? Only time will tell us, but we’ve got just a few days to get going on finding out. The season opens Saturday April 27.

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