XF Redmond, Nido Aguila Seattle, Snohomish County remain in hunt for WWPL title


The July 6-7 weekend results are in and the race to win the 2019 WWPL title has been whittled down to three clubs: XF Redmond, Nido Aguila Seattle and Snohomish County.  Those three all have big matches this Saturday when results could see XF Redmond clinch top of the table.


Snohomish County FC came back from a 20-day break ready to roll, and roll they did — with a 4-0 win at Harbor Force on Saturday followed up with a 9-0 win at BeSea FC on Sunday.

XF Redmond traveled to Grays Harbor FC and came out as 3-0 winners. Nido Aguila Seattle had the weekend off but in a crucial contest in Tacoma, last year’s champions Kirkland FC beat Tacoma Narrows 4-3 to knock them out of a title chance. The Goats of Kirkland are also now out of contention.


In another match it was Federal Way FC beating ISC Gunners 4-1. The result relegates the Gunners and moves Federal Way closer to Grays Harbor in a tight race for the final top six spot and inclusion in D1 for 2020.

This Saturday XF Redmond can win the league with a victory at Tacoma Narrows. Kirkland can again play spoilers as they host Nido Aguila. In Smokey Point the Steelheads can deal the Gulls a blow and keep their own title hopes alive with a win.

Tacoma Narrows 3-4 Kirkland FC

Grays Harbor 0-3 XF Redmond

Harbor Force 0-4 Snohomish County

Federal Way 4-1 ISC Gunners

BeSea FC 0-9 Snohomish County


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