Grays Harbor, Federal Way on edge for final WWPL Division One spot


cropped-wwpl-logo-large_cropped-2.pngThe Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) is planning to create First and Second Divisions for the 2020 season. The top 6 finishers from 2019 will make up the  new top tier. Five of those 6 spots have been clinched: XF Redmond, Tacoma Narrows, Nido Aguila Seattle, Snohomish County and Kirkland FC. But which club will earn the final spot? Grays Harbor Gulls and Federal Way FC are on edge, watching the schedules and results and trying to win matches to make the cut.

Grays Harbor Gulls

Grays Harbor Gulls currently have 13 standings points. They only have one match left to get more, and that comes on July 13 when they make their longest away journey of the season up to Smokey Point to play Snohomish County FC.

Federal Way FC

Federal Way FC currently have 12 standings points. They have 2 matches left to play to get more. July 21 Federal Way will host Nido Aguila Seattle. The other FWFC match is up in the air right now. Lacey FC will visit them, but the final date of a previously postponed match has yet to be determined.

(Cover photo by Ariana Barre, Grays Harbor Gulls)



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