WWPL two years in to giving hundreds of players elite regional competition

Grays Harbor Gulls (2018.)

The Western Washington Premier League completed its second season of play in 2019, along the way giving literally hundreds of elite male soccer players a place to compete for and against clubs around the region.

In 2018 the WWPL featured 7 clubs. In 2019 the number jumped to 11. The roster size of the clubs varied, but generally clubs traveled  with 18 and selected from a larger player pool.

Player pools on a few clubs (such as 2019 WWPL Champions Snohomish County FC) got over the 40 mark. It is estimated that approximately 300 players participated in the 2019 season.


Just like you would expect in clubs that represent their local communities, the rosters of WWPL clubs reflected diversity in ages, experience, cultures and playing styles. There were players still in their teens and guys over 30. Players from 4-year colleges and others still in high school. Guys bringing street ball smarts and guys bringing strict training backgrounds.

Snohomish County and Nido Aguila Seattle (2019.)

The variety of players and styles made for unpredictable outcomes and exciting back and forth action. Most of all it meant that guys got to play. They put on the kits of their local side and crossed the white lines into battle against other community clubs from Smokey Point to Aberdeen and points in between.

Thousands of hours of soccer was played by hundreds of guys who right about now are probably already thinking about kick off 2020.



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