Gala FC to debut ‘Pro Focus’ men’s team in new WWPL Second Division


60b903_d95b70677c814a12a37229520c7d80dd_mv2MILL CREEK, WA—Gala FC and the WWPL today announce that the youth club will add a new top men’s team to its system in 2020. A team made up mainly of U-19/20 players will compete as Gala FC Pro Focus in the new Second Division of the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL). Pro Focus is an extension and expansion of the Gala FC partnership with the Snohomish County FC Steelheads and the new team will act as a feeder and reserve team for SnoCo FC.

Gala FC Founder and Technical Director Daghan “Dagi” Kesim says the new team is an effort to complete a bridge between the Steelheads and Gala FC. “We want our Gala players to have the opportunity to play together longer with Gala’s legendary former players at a high level. We want to provide the chance for some to be seen by college coaches, and for some to keep in shape for college and further play.”



Gala FC U-19 won the 2019 Xtreme Cup at Starfire.

steelheadsThe Steelheads won the WWPL championship this year, and now the league is expanding to First and Second Divisions. Gala FC Pro Focus is officially the Steelheads reserve team and will not participate in promotion and relegation within the league. “The Steelheads will lead the top level and we will continue to support and partner with them from the Second Division,” Kesim says of the growing role of Gala FC in men’s soccer in Snohomish County.

Snohomish County FC General Manager David Falk is thrilled with the addition of a second team. “Gala FC has been helping the Steelheads since day one of our club’s formation. They have shared equipment, other resources and most importantly people. Coaches, players and fans have all come their way from Gala to SnoCo FC. So we share in the excitement of this moment for them and their program.”

Gala FC U-19 won the 2019 Sounders FC Cup at Starfire.

Gala FC was founded by Kesim and a group of local soccer families back in 2013. Since then the Mill Creek club has continually performed above outsider expectations. “Gala FC has risen up from around the shadows of big Washington clubs and has had an amazing success focusing on all kinds of players…low income kids to paying families. We’ve assisted in 55 college scholarships through soccer, sending players to semi pro and pro,” Kesim says. The club’s name (pronounced “Gall-uh”) is a shortened honor for Turkish club Galatasaray. Kesim was once a high level prospect in that club’s system.

Gala FC Pro Focus will compete with 5 other adult men’s teams in the WWPL Second Division in spring and summer of 2020. Other clubs in the division include the Issaquah Gunners, Harbor SC Force, Lacey Pocket Gophers, and two more new teams to be announced soon.

In the coming months Gala FC Pro Focus will work with the Steelheads to announce more information about the new team, including the head coach, home venue for matches, season schedule, and further interactions with the SnoCo FC First Team.




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