Nido Aguila Club America Seattle expands outreach with new U-19 team in WWPL Second Division


49900169_381154969302685_9166941032783282176_nTUKWILA, WA— Nido Aguila Club America Seattle have been awarded a spot in the new Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) Second Division for the 2020 season. To be called “Nido Aguila Seattle U-19,” the new side will act as a reserve and elite youth team for the parent club that contended for the league crown in 2019 while winning two other competitions. Nido Aguila Seattle U-19 will not participate in the promotion and relegation process between the WWPL’s First and Second Divisions.

Nido Aguila Seattle U-19’s will join the WWPL 2 in 2020.

“We had such a large roster in 2019,” says Nido Aguila Seattle owner Begad Anwar, “and in order to meet our mission to give local players opportunities, we are excited to have a second team. We are pleased that the WWPL is giving us this opportunity for our younger players to compete at this level.”

Nido Aguila Seattle U-19’s Head Coach will be Jesus Cardenas (above, left). Nido Aguila Seattle Co-Owner Angel Rivera (above, right) will be the assistant coach. The team will give playing time to upcoming talents such as 16-year-old twins Pablo (below, left) and Luis Coronado (below, right). Pablo is a center midfielder while Luis lurks along the right side. They currently attend Franklin High School in Seattle. In the back the new team will feature 17-year-old Miguel Rivera of Rogers (Puyallup) High School.

17-year-old Miguel Rivera (Rogers High School) is a defensive left back that looks to develop on the pitch with Nido Aguila U-19 in 2020.

Nido Aguila Seattle U-19 joins Gala FC as new teams to the WWPL in 2020. Earlier Gala FC were announced as the fourth member of the WWPL Second Division.  Nido Aguila Seattle U-19 becomes the fifth team in the new tier, with one more club chosen but not yet announced.

The five clubs announced so far in the new WWPL Second Division are Harbor Force (Gig Harbor), ISC Gunners (Issaquah), Lacey Pocket Gophers, Gala FC (Mill Creek) and Nido Aguila U-19 (Tukwila).




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