Nido Aguila Seattle awarded $5,000 grant for GOAL program

49900169_381154969302685_9166941032783282176_nTUKWILA, WA— Nido Aguila Club America Seattle have been awarded a grant for their GOAL program. The news was recently revealed by Washington State Adult Soccer in a Facebook post.

“Congratulations to Begad Anwar and Nido Aguila Seattle Soccer Club for receiving a $5,000 grant to support their 2020 Growing Opportunities for Advancement in Life (GOAL) program,” says the post, credited to WSASA President Timothy Busch. “The USASA Region IV Council unanimously voted to fund the program at their meeting over the weekend in Tempe, Arizona. The GOAL program focuses on players from age 16 to 25. The club was eligible to apply for the grant funding through their membership in the Western Washington Premier League, an affiliate of the Washington State Adult Soccer Association. In addition Nido Aguila Seattle is the defending WSASA Super Cup Champion!”

Star forward Casey Woodruff (right) works with youth at a 2019 Nido Aguila Seattle event.

Nido Aguila Seattle founder and co-owner Begad Anwar is excited to get the award working for people in his club. He talked about the experience of getting the grant.

“We applied and told our story and provided a budget,” Anwar says. “Our program is called G-O-A-L, which is Growing Opportunities for Advancement in Life. We seek to provide proper soccer training through Club America methodology for the underserved  for a very low cost, or free. Also to provide networking opportunities for the forgotten.”

Nido Aguila Seattle’s connection to Club America is respected by local players.

Nido Aguila Seattle was established with the mindset to build such programs. “We are non profit,” Begad explains. “We help young men and women through soccer. College students or not. Our focus are the underserved. The ones that can’t go to college because they have to work full time at age 16.”

Who might qualify for help from GOAL? “Low income families that are below the poverty line, no matter the race or background,” says Anwar, adding,  “Players of all ages (at Nido Aguila Seattle) are required to fill out an application to be part of this program.”


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