Wenatchee All-Stars FC to join WWPL in 2021

WENATCHEE, WA— The Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) is excited to announce that the Wenatchee All-Stars Football Club will join the elite adult regional men’s soccer competition beginning with the 2021 season. The All-Stars become the first club in the WWPL to hail from east of the Cascade Mountains.

WASFC founder and President David Sánchez and Vice President Mauricio Sánchez (not related but have grown up in the valley playing soccer all of their lives) have been working on rebooting a men’s team in Wenatchee for several years. “We are very fortunate to have come across a league that believed in us and saw the potential that Wenatchee All-Stars FC has to offer and what it can bring to the Washington state soccer scene,” they say. “God knows we’ve prayed for this moment.”

Wenatchee All-Stars FC won a recent indoor soccer tournament in Spokane.

The All-Stars take up where former Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) club Wenatchee FC left off back in 2016. Nicknamed the (Apple) Capitals, WFC played three seasons between 2014-16 before folding. Since then the valley, full of “All Star” caliber players, has not had a team in a larger geographical league. Efforts in 2019 to get a team together for Wenatchee morphed into what is today the All-Stars. The club has played under that name winning both indoor and outdoor tournaments in recent months.

Mauricio Sanchez has been a goalkeeping presence for years in the Valley. He’s a player-focused team vice president. “Our priority as a club is getting our players to the next level. Whether they want to play professionally or attend a great college program with the desired academics of each player. As for the team, we create opportunities to get invited to well established tournaments around Washington state and the country, and join a great league like the Western Washington Premier League.”

Wenatchee All-Stars won their division in the 2019 Kla Ha Ya Tournament.

“We are very thrilled to showcase the quality of players from Central and Eastern Washington in the WWPL,” says All-Stars President David Sánchez. “Not only that but also be able to share a little bit of our beautiful Wenatchee Valley and the community that we represent and whom supports us. We are ready-we’ve been ready and we hope to have a great first season in the WWPL this next year.”

The Western Washington Premier League is planning for a return to the pitch in 2021 with two divisions featuring at least 11 clubs and 13 teams. In a recent vote Wenatchee All-Stars FC were admitted into the First Division for 2021.

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