2021 WWPL Schedule

Western Washington Premier League First Division

(Go HERE for WWPL Second Division Schedule)

All Dates and Times SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

March 272:30 PMKirkland0-2WenatcheeWilburton Hill Park
March 276 PMFederal Way0-6HarborSaghalie Park
April 32 PMGrays Harbor1-4SnohomishStewart Field
April 36 PMFederal Way1-1KirklandSaghalie Park
April 42 PMLacey0-4Nido SeattleRAC
April 107 PMHarbor3-0Grays HarborSehmel Park
April 106 PMKirkland0-5Nido SeattleRobinswood Pk #1
April 176 PMLacey0-2HarborS. Sound Stadium
April 182 PMGrays Harbor2-3Federal WayStewart Field
April 183 PMSnohomish2-2KirklandLakewood HS
April 246 PMLacey2-2KirklandS. Sound Stadium
April 2512 PMNido Seattle3-1HarborLoyal Heights
April 252 PMGrays Harbor1-7WenatcheeStewart Field
April 253 PMSnohomish1-1Federal WayLakewood HS
May 15:30Federal Way0-2Nido SeattleSaghalie Park
May 21 PMWenatchee2-2LaceyApple Bowl
May 86 PMFederal Way3-3LaceySaghalie Park
May 93:30 PMNido Seattle0-0Kirkland Ingraham HS
May 91 PMSnohomish3-5WenatcheeLakewood HS
May 156 PMFederal Way6-0Grays HarborSaghalie Park
May 155 PMHarbor0-5LaceyPurdy Elementary
May 161 PMWenatchee3-2KirklandApple Bowl
May 163 PMSnohomish1-0Nido SeattleLakewood HS
May 226 PMLacey0-5SnohomishS. Sound Stadium
May 222:30Kirkland1-0HarborWilburton Hill Park
May 232 PMNido Seattle1-3WenatcheeMagnuson Park
May 296 PMLacey4-1Grays HarborS. Sound Stadium
June 56 PMNido Seattle1-3SnohomishNathan Hale HS
June 55 PMFederal Way0-1WenatcheeSaghalie Park
June 62 PMGrays Harbor0-2HarborStewart Field
June 122:30Kirkland3-2Federal WayWilburton Hill Park
June 126 PMLacey0-5WenatcheeS. Sound Stadium
June 132 PMGrays Harbor1-10Nido SeattleStewart Field
June 193 PMWenatcheev.Grays HarborRescheduled 8/22
June 19TBANido Seattlev.LaceyRescheduled 8/15
June 203 PMSnohomish1-0HarborLakewood HS
June 2610 AMKirkland4-1LaceyWilburton Hill Park
June 261 PMHarbor0-1WenatcheePurdy Elementary
June 26TBANido Seattlev.Federal WayPostponed
June 273 PMSnohomishv.Grays HarborPostponed
August 15 PMWenatcheev.Nido SeattleRescheduled 8/14
August 112 PMSnohomish7-0Grays HarborLakewood HS
August 76 PMWenatchee1-0HarborApple Bowl
August 76 PMLacey2-3Federal WayS. Sound Stadium
August 82 PMGrays Harbor0-6KirklandStewart Field
August 142 PMKirkland2-2SnohomishBeaver Lake MS
August 14TBAFederal Wayv.HarborRescheduled
August 14TBANido Seattlev.Grays HarborRescheduled 8/15
August 146 PMWenatcheev.Nido SeattleRescheduled Soon
August 15 12 PMNido Seattle 5-0LaceyFranklin HS
August 152:30 PMNido Seattle9-0Grays HarborFranklin HS
August 213 PMWenatchee8-0Federal WayApple Bowl
August 226 PMSnohomish2-0LaceySnohomish HS
August 226 PMWenatchee10-1Grays HarborApple Bowl
August 282:30 PMKirkland3-0Grays HarborBeaver Lake MS
August 283 PMWenatchee3-0SnohomishApple Bowl
August 28TBAHarborv.Nido SeattleTBA
August 28TBANido Seattle6-1Federal WayTBA
August 291 PMWenatchee1-0Nido SeattleApple Bowl
September 45 PMHarbor3-2KirklandSehmal Homestead
September 116 PMFederal Way0-1SnohomishSaghalie Park
September 122 PMGrays Harbor2-4LaceyStewart Field
September 12TBAHarbor0-1SnohomishTBA

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