2021 WWPL Schedule

Western Washington Premier League First Division

(Go HERE for WWPL 2 Schedule)

All Dates and Times SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

March 272:30 PMKirkland0-2WenatcheeWilburton Hill Park
March 276 PMFederal Way0-6HarborSaghalie Park
April 32 PMGrays Harbor1-4SnohomishStewart Field
April 36 PMFederal Way1-1KirklandSaghalie Park
April 42 PMLacey0-4Nido SeattleRAC
April 107 PMHarbor3-0Grays HarborSehmel Park
April 106 PMKirkland0-5Nido SeattleRobinswood Pk #1
April 176 PMLaceyv.HarborS. Sound Stadium
April 182 PMGrays Harborv.Federal WayStewart Field
April 183 PMSnohomishv.KirklandLakewood HS
April 246 PMLaceyv.KirklandS. Sound Stadium
April 2512 PMNido Seattlev.HarborLoyal Heights
April 252 PMGrays Harborv.WenatcheeStewart Field
April 253 PMSnohomishv.Federal WayLakewood HS
May 15:30Federal Wayv.Nido SeattleSaghalie Park
May 1TBAHarborv.SnohomishTBA
May 21 PMWenatcheev.LaceyApple Bowl
May 8TBANido Seattlev.KirklandTBA
May 86 PMFederal Wayv.LaceySaghalie Park
May 91 PMSnohomishv.WenatcheeLakewood HS
May 156 PMFederal Wayv.Grays HarborSaghalie Park
May 15TBAHarborv.LaceyTBA
May 161 PMWenatcheev.KirklandApple Bowl
May 163 PMSnohomishv.Nido SeattleLakewood HS
May 226 PMLaceyv.SnohomishLakewood HS
May 222:30Kirklandv.HarborWilburton Hill Park
May 232 PMNido Seattlev.WenatcheeMagnussen Park
May 296 PMLaceyv.Grays HarborS. Sound Stadium
May 29TBAHarborv.WenatcheeTBA
June 5TBANido Seattlev.SnohomishTBA
June 55 PMFederal Wayv.WenatcheeSaghalie Park
June 62 PMGrays Harborv.HarborStewart Field
June 122:30Kirklandv.Federal WayWilburton Hill Park
June 126 PMLaceyv.WenatcheeS. Sound Stadium
June 132 PMGrays Harborv.Nido SeattleStewart Field
June 191 PMWenatcheev.Grays HarborApple Bowl
June 19TBANido Seattlev.LaceyTBA
June 203 PMSnohomishv.HarborLakewood HS
June 262:30Kirklandv.LaceyWilburton Hill Park
June 26TBANido Seattlev.Federal WayTBA
June 273 PMSnohomishv.Grays HarborLakewood HS
August 71 PMWenatcheev.HarborApple Bowl
August 76 PMLaceyv.Federal WayS. Sound Stadium
August 82 PMGrays Harborv.KirklandStewart Field
August 142:30Kirklandv.SnohomishWilburton Hill Park
August 14TBAFederal Wayv.HarborTBA
August 14TBANido Seattlev.Grays HarborStarfire
August 213 PMWenatcheev.Federal WayTBA
August 223 PMSnohomishv.LaceyLakewood HS
August 28TBAKirklandv.Grays HarborWilburton Hill Park
August 281 PMWenatcheev.SnohomishApple Bowl
August 28TBAHarborv.Nido SeattleTBA
September 4TBAWenatcheev.Nido SeattleTBA
September 4TBAHarborv.KirklandTBA
September 116 PMFederal Wayv.SnohomishSaghalie Park
September 122 PMGrays Harborv.LaceyStewart Field

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