WWPL Second Division prepares for debut; adds two Seattle area teams

Sporting International FC getting ready for the debut of the WWPL 2.

The Western Washington Premier League’s (WWPL) new Second Division (WWPL 2) will begin play Saturday April 24 with six clubs. The league earlier announced Gala FC (Mill Creek), Nido Aguila 2 and Northern Peninsula (Port Townsend.) They are joined by the Issaquah Soccer Club (ISC) Gunners and two Seattle area teams: Seattle Umoja FC and Sporting International FC.

The addition of a second division puts the WWPL at 14 teams for 2021. Gala FC are the second team for the First Division Snohomish County Steelheads. Nido 2 are the second team for First Division Nido Aguila Club America Seattle.

The specifics of promotion and relegation between the two divisions will be revealed later. The two “second team” participants will not be involved in promotion though they could still win the Second Division.

Sporting International FC of the WWPL 2 recently played Cultures United in a friendly. (Cultures United photo)

Playing Friendlies

Some of the WWPL 2 teams have already begun playing friendlies. Others already play in other local leagues. Gala FC have played two close pre-season matches, dropping a 1-0 decision at Cultures United and a 3-2 decision against their brothers the Steelheads. Northern Peninsula played a group of local adult players in an 11-1 win that was as much about community as it was about soccer tune-ups. Umoja and Sporting have also recently played matches.

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